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Our factory was founded in 1987. We deliver products to the Polish and European market. We focus on traditional, proven recipes, natural ingredients, aromas and dyes. We do not use preservatives and artificial semi-finished products or hardened fats.

We specialize in the production of single and multi-layered agar jellies, we produce agar foams, candy bars and blocks made of cocoa and milk mass, energy and protein bars, as well as caramel products – Christmas tree candies, lollipops in various shapes and occasional and advertising lollipops . We sell products under our own brand and under our own brands. What matters most to us is maintaining the above-average quality of our products and their high taste qualities. Our products have obtained, among others, the EAC certificate of the Russian Customs Union.

We use only natural raw materials, dyes and aromas.

We do not use preservatives.

We do not use hardened or partially hardened fats.


Many customers today are looking for tasty but above all healthy products. This also applies to sweets. The recipe of our bars is precisely developed and balanced. Our products are based only on natural ingredients.

Bars do not contain glucose syrup or added sugar! They have no preservatives or dyes! They are also produced without the addition of humectants!



We only produce agar jellies. This is the healthiest of gelling agents. Our jellies can be formed and cut, single and multi-layer. We also offer agar foams. We do not use artificial colors and flavors. We do not use preservatives.



Our cocoa and nut blocks contain dates, nuts, raisins and cookies. They are produced based on a traditional recipe that is more than 40 years old, but we use the highest quality, modern raw materials for their production. We use the highest quality powdered milk, we only use unhardened fat, without trance compounds. The blocks are hand formed.



Caramel products in our offer are traditional sweets, Christmas tree candies, lollipops in various shapes and flavors as well as occasional and advertising lollipops. All poured by hand. Traditional Valentine’s hearts are the most popular but there is also something for Women’s Day. We are able to prepare a short series of advertising lollipops depending on the customer’s needs or requirements.

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