Jelly 4×4 and Twister

Before the holidays, several new products appeared in our offer. These are mainly jellies – including twisted, colorful Twister or 4×4 jelly. The latter replaces the Solar Jelly. We have also introduced new multipacks for products from the permanent offer.

Appeal of the National Industry Commission of Food Crafts…

We publish an appeal sent to the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland Appeal of the National Industry Commission of Food Crafts of the Polish Craft Association to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland Mr. Mateusz Morawiecki regarding support for craft companies from the food industry in connection with the drastic increase in the prices of gas, electricity and raw materials.

Appeal of the National Commission of Food Crafts of the Polish Craft Association

Full text of the appeal:

Sugar-free cocoa block

For those who are in quarantine, work or learn remotely and do not have the opportunity to play sports and often even outdoor movement, we have prepared a cocoa block without added sugar. The only sugar that our product contains comes from the bacon and biscuits contained in it. In this way, a block was created much less caloric than the traditional one. Perfect for long hours in front of your computer. Our sugar-free cocoa block will also be appreciated by people who have a diabetes problem

Verones MINI 200g

Fancy jelly but a pack of 2kg is too much for you? We offer mini Verones in a package of 200g, small crescents packed in bulk in small bags. We recommend.

Cakes with foam

At the request of our customers, we re-introduce cakes with foam and jelly. Jelly and foam with fruit and vanilla aromas. The foams are packed in a 590g display and sold in this form per piece.

New Christmas candies

This season we offer Christmas candies in new packaging. The candies are available in six colours (green, yellow, red, silver, blue and purple) with holiday-themed themes. Candies will be sold on single pieces with a choice of color, in mixed packages of ten pieces and by weight, in cartons weighing 750 grams (about 50-60 pieces). Our candies are not just a Christmas decoration. They are flavored and tasty also to eat.

Energy bar

From October we are launching and selling a new energy bar. Its composition has been optimized for active sports. Like our other products, the candy bar is based only on natural ingredients. It is based on, among others, dates, oatmeal, pumpkin seeds or sunflower. The product does not contain any preservatives or dyes, there is no added sugar or glucose syrup, it is free from various moisture-maintaining substances.

EAC certificate

We are pleased to inform you that we have confirmed the high quality of our products with the Customs Union EAC certification. The EAC certification confirms compliance with standards and quality and safety standards in force, inter alia, in countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. This allows us to introduce sweets produced to the markets of these countries. This is the equivalent of a European CE certificate. From this year you can already buy some of our goods in Russia. We hope that cooperation with Russian partners will be fruitful and rewarding for both sides.

Gift jelly

In addition to the holiday block, we have recently prepared gift jelly. Packed in small packs, poured jelly were attached to christmas packages. After the new year, they will be available for regular sale.